Cal Crutchlow: Honda’s Result in Austin Due to Riders – Not Bikes

LCR Honda rider Cal Crutchlow speaks out on Honda’s performance in Austin, believing the results have more to do with rider than bike.

Ever the man to speak his mind, MotoGP LCR Honda rider Cal Crutchlow has issued comments regarding Honda’s top-four finish in Austin that has given cause for some to assume that the team had managed to find a way to overcome their Yamaha rivals and eke out the performance needed. Such is not the case, according to Crutchlow, who maintains that Yamaha still has the better bike out on the track, and that Honda’s dominance at Austin has more to do with the skill of their riders than the quality of their bikes:

“Yamaha was a lot better than the Honda [in the Austin race] and the Honda riders rode a lot better than the Yamaha ones. It’s as simple as that. Marc and Dani did a good job.

At one point I thought maybe we could make it a 1-2-3 but Valentino really upped the pace in the middle of the race.” – Cal Crutchlow


Crutchlow went on to say that a stark indicator of Honda’s weakness when compared to Yamaha was how many times the riders lost the front end only three races into the season:

“I still have the same problem as last year with the front end. You see how many times the Honda crashed with the front end? We’re pushing the front too much and it’s not cool.” – Cal Crutchlow

Cal’s propensity to avoid the corporate babble is always a refreshing sight to behold, but it would be wrong to assume that the Brit is bad-mouthing the Honda name. Cal praised the performance of the riders and of the manufacturer, saying that it’ll take a bit of time to get their performance where they want to be, but that he knows they’re capable:

“I think I’m riding better as a person. I think we’re riding stronger as a manufacturer, the riders.

We’re having to ride around a lot of stuff and we know that when it improves it’s going to be a lot, lot better. It’s just going to take some time.” – Cal Crutchlow


Honda’s next chance to take a stab at the podium will come in Jerez – if they can manage to keep the voraciously hungry Yamaha riders at bay once again.

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