Haas’ Guenther Steiner is more than Angry after Russian GP

Formula One Team Principal Guenther Steiner is “pissed off” about his team’s performance in the Russian Grand Prix.

It would seem that Haas’ Team Principal is not enjoying his run-in with Murphey’s Law. Guenther Steiner has lamented his team’s performance during the Russian Grand Prix as one in which all that could go wrong, did. Looking back on the Grand Prix, one can hardly blame Steiner. The Haas head honcho saw his team end its Russian run with one driver retired early, one in 13th, and no points for anyone. Steiner took to the airwaves to vent his frustration at the turn of events, saying that he’s “pissed off” at the results:


“I’m pissed off with the weekend as you get when you have a weekend like this. Almost everything that can go wrong went wrong.

[On Magnussen’s penalty] I’m not even trying to argue it, we were told and we didn’t do it. You live by your choices. [Without the penalty points] would have been possible but I don’t know – It would have been a tough battle.

The strategy could have been completely different so it’s difficult to know. There was a bigger chance without the penalty.” – Guenther Steiner


Although Steiner is right that the team had a bigger chance at remaining competitive without the penalty points, the American outfit has got a lot left to show if it wants to start scoring points again. As of now, both Haas drivers have shown a very keen hunger to place their 2017 challengers as far up the pecking order as they possibly can, but the reliability of their performances – as the Russian Grand Prix can attest – leaves them wanting.

Steiner’s frustration at the Russian outcome is perfectly reasonable for a man in his position, but should that frustration bubble over into outright negativity, the F1 newcomers will see themselves fighting an uphill battle.