Rob Collard wins Delayed Race Two as Neal Falls to the Back

At the start of race two, Gordon Shedden once again got alongside Matt Neal to contest the lead, but the race one winner was able to keep his Honda on the inside on the way out of the complex, and led lap one.

The safety car was deployed on the first lap after a massive shunt for Dan Lloyd’s MG. There looked to be significant damage on the front-left of the car so the MG mechanics would have a task-and-a-half in repairing the car for race three.

The resulting damage to the circuit barrier resulted in a red flag, the cars would restart the race in the lap one order. There was a lengthy delay as significant repairs were needed to go racing again. Daniel Lloyd voiced his concerns about the area of the circuit where he’d had the accident, citing that a lack of tyre walls protecting the barriers was a risky lack of foresight from the Thruxton circuit owners. These concerns were then echoed by others, and the delay, as well as the aggressive way the MG crashed, justifies the concern.

On the restart, Rob Collard made an excellent start, jumping up to 3rd and challenging Neal and Shedden at the front. Into the final chicane, it was a three-wide fight for 2nd as Collard and Goff attacked Shedden. Both got by with the BMW ahead, but Shedden was able to claw his way past Goff’s Eurotech Honda for 3rd.

On Lap three, Matt Neal, the race leader, had to come into the pits, promoting Collard to the lead as Shedden kept with him. Ton Ingram was able to get by Goff and claim 3rd. Once Ingram had built enough of a gap to stop focusing on defence, he started to close in on the leading two. Further back, Adam Morgan darted past Moffat for 7th whilst further ahead, Rob Austin had his mirrors full of Turkington’s BMW in the battle for 5th.

On lap 6, the fight for the win was between Collard, Shedden and a rapid Ingram. The safety car was suddenly deployed after Martin Depper had a huge accident, getting onto the grass and making massive contact with a barrier, which unlike Lloyd’s accident, was protected by tyres.

The race was red flagged again and the results for race two were confirmed with a Rob Collard victory against Gordon Shedden in 2nd and Tom Ingram securing another podium. Jack Goff put in another strong drive for 4th, with Rob Austin 5th, Turkington 6th, Adam Morgan 7th, Ash Sutton 8th, Aiden Moffat 9th and Jeff Smith rounding out the top ten.

The result meant that every BMW WSR driver had now won a race in 2017, and that there have been seven different winners in eight races, confirming the high level of competition this season.

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