Mark Miles: No Plans to Poach F1 Drivers to IndyCar

The CEO of IndyCar’s parent company – Hulman & Company – has announced that luring Formula One drivers to IndyCar is not a part of the plan.

Ever since the announcement of Fernando Alonso’s decision to skip the Monaco Grand Prix in favor of participating in the Indy 500, speculation abounded as to what sort of impact Alonso’s participation would have. As rightly speculated, the interest was global – over two million viewers tuned in to see how Alonso would do out in his first test in an IndyCar.


While the venerated Spaniard’s involvement has been a major boost to IndyCar’s recognition, many have speculated that the series would seek a repeat with another big-name F1 driver in the future. Mark Miles, CEO of IndyCar’s parent company Hulman & Company, has spoken out against such speculation:

“I don’t think it’s a strategy for us. This happened in a unique set of circumstances in so many respects so we are not going to be following the Grand Prix series around and trying to poach drivers!

I think more drivers will pay more attention to it and we’ll see what happens but, while there may be points in their career where it makes sense, it’s not a strategy.
It’s happened with NASCAR as well, where a champion driver gets a chance to see how he can do in other championships, which I admire, It’s a very courageous act.” – Mark Miles


Although Miles has acknowledged the boon of Alonso’s presence on the Indy oval, the biggest talk of things changed for the future of intra-motorsport participation has come from drivers which came out to vocally support Alonso and his decision to vie for the triple-crown. If Alonso can manage to make the most out of this opportunity, he could very well go down in history as a trailblazer for drivers who wish to seek ventures outside of their predominant Motorsport.

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