Marquez Admits Crash at Argentina Shook His Confidence

MotoGP defending World Champion Marc Marquez admits that his contentment with second place in Jerez stems from his decision to not push as hard.

First place is great. But when one is pushing too hard for it, that 1st can easily become a DNF. Just ask Honda Repsol’s Marc Marqeuz. The young Spaniard blazed across the track during last month’s Grand Prix in Argentina, hell-bent on reclaiming the points that he desperately needed to challenge the Yamaha upstarts that threatened his crown.

Unfortunately for Marquez, Volition got in the way of control and he lost control of the front, sending him tumbling out of the race and ruining any chance that he had to contend for the win.

Jerez, however, was another story. The young rider seemed much more in control of his tendency to push when he shouldn’t, and – with a little help from issues that Yamaha was facing – stole a neat-and-tidy second place for himself.

Marquez admitted that the second-highest podium came as a result of not only an “inspired” Pedrosa, but also out of the fear that he would crash out and take home nothing:

“He has been fast all weekend. When he’s inspired it’s difficult to beat him, so I am very happy with this second position.

I waited 10 laps to see if his front tire went off. When I saw, it didn’t, I went quicker by a few tenths, but I had a scare. I recovered and then had another scare, and I decided to settle for second place.

After what happened in Argentina, you reflect, and sometimes a mistake is good to make you think.” – Mrac Marquez

Marquez does seem to have taken the events of Argentina to heart. If he can maintain his course on the mental pathway that he’s on, he will truly become a formidable championship defender in the 2017 season.

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