Kevin Magnussen Doesn’t View Haas as His Last Chance in F1

Formula One driver Kevin Magnussen looks as his place in Haas as righty-earned – will this be the team that he holds on to?

Kevin Magnussen has had a bit of a shaky history with his Formula One teams. Changing three different times in three years, the young driver has not had the easiest time since his debut win. Despite this, the Norwegian driver believes that his place at Haas is the home in F1 that he’s been longing for – and not just one that was lightly earned, either.


Magnussen commented on his feelings toward Haas in recent comments ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix:

“I don’t look at it [as a last chance]. I feel grateful for the chances I’ve been given in Formula 1, I feel like I’ve deserved them. I feel like in some cases I’ve been unlucky, and I don’t think I deserved to change teams this much. But these were the circumstances, and I’ve made the best of it that I could.

I’m not saying I did everything perfectly, but I think I did well against a world champion [Jenson Button] in my first year in Formula 1, and was the best performer in the team I was with last year. I was the first to score points with this team as well, so I don’t think I’ve done too bad. There’s a reason I’m still here.” – Kevin Magnussen


A reason indeed. Though Haas has not had the most fortuitous start to the 2017 season, much of that can be attributed to the growing pains Haas is experiencing as a new Formula One team more than anything else. With severely less funding than the top dogs, they’re much more likely to feel the damage wrought by performances such as that in Sochi, where Romain Grosjean was hit with a DNF and Magnussen took 13th. With time, perhaps both Magnussen and F1’s newest team can both make the impact they desire to.

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