F1: Tears of sadness to smiles of joy

Helena Hicks

A young Formula 1 fan was devastated when Kimi Raikkonen was forced to retire from the Spanish Grand Prix – so much so, he was reduced to tears. But his day went from bad to spectacular as he ended up meeting his hero and spending time in the F1 paddock.

The boy appeared distraught when Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen crashed out of the race at the first corner.

The French fan, who was dressed from head-to-toe in a Ferrari outfit – was picked up by the FOM TV cameras at the circuit and was shown to be visibly upset that Raikkonen’s race had ended so soon. But, towards the end of the race, FOM showed he and his family in Ferrari hospitality and taking pictures with Raikkonen.

Pictures of the meeting have been re-tweeted thousands of times on Twitter and F1 fans have praised the sport’s organisers and Ferrari for arranging the experience for the young fan so quickly.

Later he joined the Ferrari mechanics at the end of the race to see the podium presentation for the top three drivers, having one of the best seats in the house.

Why is this good for the sport?


It may have been a relatively small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but this was a huge breath of fresh air for the sport. For ages fan engagement has been spoken about and how much Formula 1 is lacking in this area. So to see this type of activity was excellent. The organisers and press officers of both the circuit and Ferrari did well to arrange something of this nature in such a short space of time. People would give an arm and a leg for a meeting with their favourite driver, hence why it was so special to see. This is a day that the young fan and his family are going to remember for a long time to come.

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