Codemasters Launch F1 2017 Game with Classic Cars

Codemasters have teased us the latest Formula 1 game to come from their studios, and it features the highly anticipated return of classic cars to the game

N0 actual 2017 car content has been shown thus far, but a teaser trailer confirms three of the twelve classic cars that will be feature in the game. These include the 1992 Williams FW14B, the 2002 Ferrari F2002 and the lucrative and awesome McLaren MP4/4 from 1988. McLaren were the big omission in the 2013 game as Codies could not get the licensing for the Senna and Prost driven machine. But they appear to have pulled off a coup with this years edition.

The game will feature new game mods, including a new ‘championships’ mode and the classic content will be fully integrated into the main game. In 2013 the classic cars were a side piece, almost a separate game away from the main 2013 season content. This year though Codemasters have aimed high as Lee Mather, Creative Director at Codemasters explains…

“For the first time ever F1 2017 fully integrates the classic experience into the main career mode. As part of your career you will be invited to race in modern day, invitational events in the different classic F1 cars throughout the season.”


“We’re also adding to the variety in F1 2017 with the inclusion of four alternative circuit layouts, as well as numerous new gameplay types. The classic cars will also be available to play in a range of other game modes, including online multiplayer modes and time trial.”


The McLaren MP4/4 will be available as an exclusive for pre-order or day one customers, but will be added as DLC at a later date. All eleven other classic machines will be available as normal in the game. With the 2016 game delivering on its promise and perhaps being the best F1 game this century, 2017 has a lot to live up too. With an even more immersive career mode promised, it looks like we could be in for an all time classic game. Stay tuned.

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