Danny Kent Opens Up Over Reasons Behind Leaving Kiefer Racing

Young Moto2 rider Danny Kent looks back on the reasons that made him leave the Moto2 racing outfit, saying that it was building up over a long time.

Many people were quick to condemn Danny Kent when he announced his spontaneous departure from Kiefer racing, the Moto2 outfit that he had seem to grown a part of. Many jumped on Kent’s age as the reason for his seemingly impulsive behavior, but there is much more than meets the eye. Kent opened up recently regarding what had been occurring behind the scenes at Kiefer Racing, and how it was ultimately a lost sense of comfort and assurance of his safety that forced him to part ways with his former team.

May 19th 2017, Circuit 24hours of Le Mans, France; Moto GP Grand Prix of France. Friday Practice.Moto 3 rider Danny Kent (Red Bull KTM)during the practice sessions (Photo by Gaetano Piazzolla/Action Plus via Getty Images)

“The reason was there were too many mistakes which kept constantly reoccurring. A lot of people said to me that I should have waited longer.

It was only three races into the year. But the problem is, yeah, it was only three races into this year but I did 18 races last year. A lot of them races there was the same mistakes. It’s been building up over a long time. When we’re out there risking our lives and these mistakes kept occurring I lost confidence in my side of the team. A lot of people were saying, ‘Danny is making excuses because Domi’s doing this.’

But the truth was Domi’s side weren’t making mistakes. He felt safe with the bike. Already this year there were a lot of mistakes that the team made during practice when I was down in not a good position. “ – Danny Kent

Kent went on to express his thoughts regarding the onslaught of comments that were made toward him after the news first broke. The young Englishman was keen to point that the public’s perception of the situation is highly limited to the media channels that present the information forth, and that they weren’t “hearing half of the problems that were going on inside the box.”

JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, SPAIN – MAY 08: Danny Kent of Britain smiles and speaks with journalists during the MotoGp Tests In Jerez at Circuito de Jerez on May 8, 2017 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. (Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images)

“Because of contractual reasons you can’t go out to the media and say it was this or that. It’s normal. If I was back at home and I hadn’t heard all the things from inside the box I would automatically go to the rider and say he was riding s**t.

But in a lot of the cases I don’t want to blame everything on Stefan. I don’t want to blame it all on the team because nobody’s perfect. I’m certainly not perfect. But when you’re out there risking your life you need confidence in the people that are putting the bike together.

When so many problems were occurring, I lost confidence and motivation. I went to races and sometimes didn’t even want to be there. When we’re out there racing at those speeds, you need to be enjoying it. It got to the stage where I wasn’t enjoying it and I just didn’t want to ride any more. “ – Danny Kent

While Kent’s future in motorcycle racing may have looked as if was about be dashed apart on the rocks, he’s already begun to reconnect with Moto3’s KTM team, as KTM Motorsports Director Pit Beirer has asked him to hop atop the bike for testing. Whether Kent has a future in KTM remains to be seen, but Kent’s fortunes seem to been on a sharp upswing already.

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