10 Predictions for the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix provides a very unique circuit, with highly technical sectors and less opportunities for overtaking on-track. Track position, therefore qualifying is more important than at other Grand Prix’. Will it be another fight between red and silver?

Ahead of the Grand Prix, Nico Hulkenberg has come out with some interesting comments, highlighting the huge gap between the front-runners and the rest of the pack.

“It is a bit scary. The gap is massive from Ferrari and Mercedes even to Red Bull.

And from Red Bull to Williams again there is half a day, so…

I’m not sure if you could have expected that, but I think especially Mercedes and Ferrari, their developments, what they’ve done over the winter and the pace they have it’s pretty special.”

I think the performance and where the car stands and where we are is pretty much is what I thought we would get when I signed up last year,” he said.

I did not expect any miracles, that we will be straight away in a top seven easily, I think pretty much what I thought where we are, where we find ourselves now.

We can fight for points, we need a little bit of luck and to do a bloody good job and every decision has to be right, otherwise no points. But Renault has over the winter achieved to get the connection to the midfield straight away.”

– Nico Hulkenberg


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