Upgrades Spotted in Monaco

There are some impressive looking upgrades on show ahead of this weekends Monaco Grand prix. Here are 10 that have been spotted so far:

Sauber have loads of upgrades on the C36, surely this is only able to happen due to the financial security that their shareholders Longbow Finance have secured for the team this season. Points scorer Pascal Wehrlein is anticipating the updates working well from the start, and it has clearly engineered an optimistic approach to the weekend for the young German. He said,

“Looking back on the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, we travel with good memories to Monte Carlo. We need to keep working in this development direction to further improve, but I am positive that we will make another step with the new parts on the car in Monaco.

Racing in Monaco is always special – it is fascinating and challenging at the same time, but also because of the tradition and the exciting Formula 1 races in the past.”

– Pascal Wehrlein

On the opposite end of the Monaco GP anticipation spectrum is Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes are expected to have problems this weekend, with the longest wheelbase, which could provide a source of difficulty around the tight, unforgiving Monaco. Hamilton said,

“We have new cars this weekend which are wider and faster. That’s going to be a massive challenge.

It’ll be a real test of your awareness of where the car is. I’m sure there will be some brushing of the barriers.”

– Lewis Hamilton

Monaco throws up a unique challenge on the F1 calendar. The focus on getting the car stuck to the track properly and retaining balance in the slow corners will be crucial to putting together a strong qualifying lap, which has massive implications for where a driver will find themselves when the checkered flag is lifted.

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