WATCH: Sjokz’s Top Five Pro Player Burns

As the face of Riot’s European League of Legends Championship Series, Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere brings an aura of professionalism to Riot’s primetime broadcast. An active member of the community from the very beginning, Sjokz has continuously added new skills to her show-hosting repertoire – establishing strong relationships with the pros, an eye for analytical insight, but most importantly… a reputation for delivering sick burns. #SjokzFired

Season three is widely regarded (by those who experienced it) as being the best season of the LCS to date, yet the broadcast Riot cobbled together on a shoestring budget understandably lacked polish and just about got-by with the sheer talent of the personalities found on the desk. As the scene developed, the quality of the broadcast has gone from strength to strength.

It’s been incredible to see how every member of the LCS team has developed into a professional outfit, producing a consistently slick show every week. Memorable moments such as Dyrus’ emotional farewell at the 2015 World Championship would not have been possible without a tender interviewing approach. But where the moment in Paris induced some heavy feels, Sjokz is most endeared for her sick burns, live on air. Here are some of the best:

5. Krepo – “And now you’re not even in LCS…”

Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels has been a great addition to the League of Legends broadcasting team – arguably more talented in his new found role than he ever was as a professional support player – a truth Sjokz won’t let him forget, taking every opportunity that falls on her plate to decimate her co-host.

You’re never safe from a ‘Sjokz Shot’, not even when jovially discussing your childhood footballing ambitions during some IEM downtime.

4. Xpeke – “Are you hoping Azir is out of the meta by the time you guys get to worlds?”

Damn, that’s gotta hurt. The relationship between Sjokz and Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez is unique – it’s no coincidence that the handsome Spaniard appears more than once on this list.

Ahead of Origen’s debut appearance at a World Championship, Azir, the mechanically intensive Emperor of Shurima, was a meta necessity in the mid lane – sadly for Xpeke, it was a champ he had never managed to master for professional play – a point kindly pointed out by a devious Sjokz on the analyst desk.

3. Niels/Zven – “We checked your solo queue records… it wasn’t fantastic.”


Sjokz does her homework – particularly when it’s to burn one of Xpeke’s teammates. Coming off the back of an Origin victory in front of a European crowd, Sjokz delivered a beautiful backhanded complement to Niels’ ADC skills by dragging his recent match history into frame.

2. Xpeke (Again) – You guys got smashed by Gambit…”


Xpeke… again? Sjokz has worked hard to build rapport with the professional scene’s iconic players and her chemistry with the former Fnatic midlaner is an outstanding example of that. Not pulling any punches, Sjokz fires one of the most heavily loaded questions in interview history…

1. Doublelift – “It wasn’t 50/50 for Alternate yesterday, I’ll tell you that.”



“Every time I go on the desk dude… this is my last time.”

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng

The king of trash talk brought to his knees with a blindside from the shot firing deviant. After being crushed by Alternate, CLG’s Doublelift assumed his usual post on the broadcasting desk – only for Sjokz to stick her thumb in the open flesh wound of defeat.

The reaction from the crowd, and a slightly confused Alex Ich, made this burn all too perfect.

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