H2K-Gaming In Meltdown As Forg1ven Rips Into Teammates On Twitter

As AD carry Alez “Freeze” Kenzinek announced he had been diagnosed with tendonitis in his right forearm, all eyes turned to the teams substitute AD carry Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou for reaction and comment. What ensued was an ugly Twitter row between the volatile Greek addition and H2K jungler, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski – hardly the most professional of responses from a side still hoping to succeed in the penultimate stages of the EU LCS Summer Split playoffs.

There are some serious decisions to be made inside the H2K camp, the last thing they need is for the spotlight to be cast onto their players’ immaturity on social media platforms. It is not yet clear if Freeze will start for H2k-Gaming ahead of Week 9 of the EU LCS Summer Split or whether he will be replaced by H2K’s sub supposed sub Forg1ven. In any team the replacement of an injured teammate would be a straightforward decision, but this is H2K, so of course, as Freeze himself described it,  it’s a “difficult situation.”

H2K only recently signed Forg1ven as a substitute AD carry, so it seems almost incomprehensible that they wouldn’t employ his services in a situation such as a Freeze injury, but clearly the extent of the bad blood held towards the former Origen man runs deeper than many first anticipated…

Holy hell Forg1ven – Jankos has a family is your teammate!

For a long time, Forg1ven was considered to be a misunderstood enigma within the professional League of Legends scene; opposed to the toxic label he was branded with, he was a professional in every sense of the word, holding himself to the highest standards with brutal honesty and expecting the same of his teammates. Now it seems like that veil has been lifted, his actions on Twitter suggest that what lies underneath is the toxic has-been many always suspected.

With each passing day it becomes harder to see the wounds healing between the H2K roster and Forg1ven – even with Freeze’s injury it looks like H2K will never field Forg1ven again, particularly after the way the team vocalized they felt about him following his departure and after today’s Twitter feud.

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Anyone who has ever visited the Twitter of H2K Rich, owner of H2K, will completely agree with the statement: H2K, as a professional organisation, do not understand the concept of professional twitter accounts. They may not be getting the instruction from the top, but H2K’s players need to grow up and put their job first. Throwing back to Season 3, legends of the game, Uzi and Insec despised one another – there were even rumours that they physically fought on occasions – yet they still managed to put their differences aside and make it to the finals of Worlds.

Forg1ven knows H2K’s playstyle and, for all his flaws, remains a very skilled player. It’s definitely not an ideal scenario, but it’s a safer bet than having a complete rookie replace Freeze, if the injury turns out to be too big of a hindrance. H2K need to finally put their petty squabbles aside and act like a professional team. Uzi and Insec were treated with a huge amount of respect for acting like mature adults, putting their personal differences aside to work towards a common goal, the same would be true of H2K.

H2K want to make the World Championships and realistically, the only way they can achieve that goal in the face of Freeze’s injury is to work collaboratively with Forg1ven as ADC. As entertaining as the Twitter feuds are for the neutral, it’s sad to see a team throw away its chances at the expense of immature egos.

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