Rossi Injured during Motorcross Accident

MotoGP Movistar Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi has hit another spat of bad luck after he has reportedly been injured during a Motocross accident.

Poor Rossi, he just can’t seem to catch a break. The 38-year-old has suffered another setback as reports have come through that he was injured while training on a Motocross circuit at the Cross Club Cavallara track. The only details that have come out thus far have been regarding the apparent blunt trauma to his chest and abdomen – potentially due to Rossi either slamming into his handlebars or end-o’ing, but a Yamaha-issued statement has come forth saying that “no fractures have been detected in any part of the body and no serious traumatic pathologies were found.”

Rossi has been taken to a nearby hospital in Rimini, where he is currently recovering. The accident comes at the worst possible time for Rossi, both mid-season and right after his incredibly disappointing crash out of P2 at Le Mans. An overly aggressive Rossi sought to reclaim the first-place position that was snatched away from him by a masterful Maverick Vinales, but the grizzled Italian went for too much too fast, and threw away his race on the last lap.

Valentino is far from the first rider to make a mistake, and he’ll be far from the last, but the recent string of spills and falls can’t help but raise the question: how much time does he have left? There is no doubt that Valentino wants to prove he’s still the best of the best. His competitive spirit is most certainly still there, as is his riding aptitude – but one must take into account just how much a crash can do to a rider’s self-confidence. And to have them happen back-to-back like this is never a good omen.

Regardless, Rossi is sure to make a speedy recovery and show back up to the paddock, ready to race once more. Perhaps this isn’t worth probing into, but a hospitalisation is nothing to take lightly – especially when it could easily turn into Rossi missing the upcoming Grand Prix at Mugello. Another race thrown away in the championship is the last thing the Italian rider needs at this moment. He’s already hamstrung himself by throwing away the potential second-place points he could have picked up in Le Mans, but a missed race could spell an early end to his contention in the 2017 championship.

This season’s MotoGP championship is one thing for certain: unpredictable. From Vinales’ first unbroken stint of victories, then to what seemed like a Marquez comeback, and now with Rossi’s future called into question… there is no telling where it could go. And we must not forget the upstart of a Frenchman, Johann Zarco, who has absolutely blasted his way onto the scene with his hyper-aggressive “take-no-prisoners” riding style. Should he keep up the kind of racing he’s been putting forth so far, MotoGP mainstays will have a lot to worry about come the next time the lights go green.

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