Espargaro on last season’s disaster: “I cried a lot, a lot”

Aleix Espargaro looks back on his last MotoGP season under Suzuki, and looks head to a brighter future with Aprilia.

Espargaro’s last MotoGP season had a lot to be desired. After some stellar runs, his fortunes seemed to take a hit – falling low enough for the rider to legitimately consider a move away from MotoGP to World Superbike. Thankfully, that timeline has not come to pass as Espargaro has signed with Aprilia for the 2017 season and is looking ahead to the track with confidence once more.

“Last season was super bad for me. I remember now perfectly like it was yesterday, I cried a lot, a lot, a lot after the warm-up at the Qatar GP. I never cried in my life because of a result in MotoGP, or in a race. In the end it’s a job; sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse. But I was desperate because I wasn’t enjoying it. I was suffering a lot. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a disaster.

This is why I was talking to Superbike because it was a bigger change [and] for my mind it was OK. In the last part of last season I start to improve, to trust the front tyre more. When Aprilia called me, and they really treated me as a top, top rider because they give me a lot of confidence, to develop the bike and to be a top rider.

After the first test now I’m again I’m fully charged, fully motivated and hopefully I’ll stay in MotoGP. Sincerely, I really would like to try Superbike one day but I’m still 27 and I have plenty of time.” – Aleix Espargaro

It’s a little disconcerting to see how Suzuki went behind one of their rider’s backs when they were struggling – going so far as to circumvent Espargaro and head straight to his mechanics first.  Sometimes the situations that seem the worst at hand can flower into something even better, it seems Aleix has found himself in that situation for 2017.

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