Is a Formula One budget cap on Its way?

Formula One Managing Director Ross Brawn says that there is plenty of work to do on the sport – and fund distribution stands at the top of the list.

We all knew this would enter the discourse at some point. It’s been going around for years, and finally it looks like it might be the right time for implementation, or at least the suggestion. The nefarious budget cap notion has been on the table for some time now, and with Liberty Media’s acquisition of Formula One and their plan to make drastic changes to the sport, this is as good of a time as any. The idea of a budget cap / more even distribution of funds is a highly polarizing notion, with some fans clamouring that it goes against the nature of Formula One’s “elite” status, and teams fearing for the loss of any developmental advantages they might have–such as Mercedes.

However, Ross Brawn thinks different. The Managing Director for Formula One believes that a re-assessed distribution of funds could serve to benefit the sport over the long-term, citing American football as an example of how a re-distribution of funds actually led to teams receiving more money due to a revitalized sport:

“There was a time in American football where there was quite a heavily distorted reward system “and the top two teams got the majority of the money and the rest struggled The top two teams sacrificed their position in order to have an equitable solution.

When it became much more successful because there was a [competitive] spread, those two teams surpassed what they were getting before because the sport became so much more successful.

Is there a lesson for us there? It’s a great example of the balance of sport and commercialism. The new owners and my fellow directors come from that culture.
It’s not about razzmatazz and all the rest of it, it’s about lifting the whole business. Can we do that? It’s going to be a big challenge, but we can try.”

– Ross Brawn

How the controversial notion will go down is still yet to be seen, but Brawn and Liberty Media certainly have their work cut out for them.

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