Toto Wolff Calls for a F1 Return to the old days

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff shares his belief on how F1 needs to go back to racing more on proper dangerous circuits like Monaco.

Toto Wolff is no secret to the spirit of motor racing. The man has steered his team to three years of dominance in the sport of Formula One and proven that his strategic and tactical toolset is one of the sharpest among many. Wolff’s success largely rests on how close he has his hand to the pulse of the sport. It appears as if he somehow has the uncanny ability to anticipate what’s coming down the line and act appropriately.

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As such, our good ol’ pal Torger is pushing for more street circuits in the future of Formula One, saying that his recent stint in the venerated Mille Miglia road race in Italy has inspired him to reconsider the DNA of Formula One:

“The DNA of F1 was about the best technology, with the best drivers sitting on a bullet and trying to drive that bullet.

Somehow [on the Mille Miglia] this became clear to me why I love this sport. It is about doing something that nobody else dared to do, and with the passion for cars.

Motor racing is a life, and there is so much passion and so much emotion, throughout all the generation for cars and drivers.

To drive these cars today you need courage, more on some tracks than others, and we don’t want to race on tracks that are like supermarket car parks.

When you missed a corner in the old days you were dead or hurt. Today, you miss a corner, you run wide and rejoin. But not in Monte Carlo, maybe not in Spa, maybe not in Monza, and maybe not in Suzuka.

We need to go back to tracks where you realize who the best are. This [Monaco] is one of those tracks. This is where we need to go back.” – Toto Wolff

The recent history of Formula One has included numerous safety overhauls as the FIA pushes the sport to be as safe as possible – and yet, the very driving force behind Formula One was its uncertainty and proclivity for danger at ludicrous speeds. It’s a fine line to walk, but one that Formula One will have to mind very carefully as it undergoes transformative steps under its new ownership, Liberty Media.

Liberty Media employee and new F1 CEO, Chase Carey, has made it abundantly clear that there will be no stone unturned as the organization aims to make the sport the most exciting and thrilling spectacle that it can be. Safety will always be something that the FIA pushes, and that’s fine. There’s no need to senselessly risk the lives of drives just merely for entertainment, but one cannot discount the comments already made by Liberty Media head honchos about how the future of Formula One may see the sport move away from such a large influence of technology – and perhaps even engineers.


The excitement and fervor over Formula One has shown itself to be steadily growing as Liberty Media have pushed new forays in the world of digital content consumption and marketing, but what the sport will look like down the road is something we can only see when we get there.

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