F2: Leclerc condemns Monaco performance as his career’s “most disappointing moment”

Ferrari’s F2 junior driver, Charles Leclerc, admits that he looks back on his torrid race in Monaco as an incredible disappointment.

What should have been a glorious outing at the infamous Monaco Circuit turned into a disastrous finish for junior Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Leclerc had a lot riding on this Grand Prix – it was his home race after all. Alas, the young driver will have to wait another year for his chance to get the result that he wanted. Leclerc had an incredible showing for the first half of the race as he led his native grand prix from pole position. Then, unfortunately disaster struck.

The Monégasque teenager pitted early during a safety car that was sent out due to a collision between Robert Visoiu and Louis Deletraz, but the pit stop strategy backfired on him and PREMA Racing as the safety car was delayed – causing Leclerc to fall into fourth place as cars zipped by with an unrestricted speed limit. Although Charles made a valiant effort to fight his way back to the front, he was called back into the pits and ultimately had to suffer a DNF due to damage to his front left wheel’s suspension.

“I think it’s the most disappointing moment in my whole career because of being at Monaco for the first time.

The weekend really was perfect until then – we did a fast time in free practice, a fast time in qualifying, we were leading the race and the pace was really good.

So, in front of everyone I know in Monaco it was amazing to show this and to be ahead in the race.

Then to have bad luck with the second safety car and then again, having a DNF because of the front left piece that broke is a huge disappointment.” – Charles Leclerc

Leclerc went on to say that the team is still not sure how the suspension broke, but they know for sure that the suspension piece broke during the pitstop – leading them to speculate that it was somehow damaged out on track:

Leclerc’s disappoint is understandable, but when it comes to racing, sometimes you’ve got to accept the rosy fantasy you’ve got painted in your mind may not come to full bloom. There are so many variables that have to line up precisely for a driver to secure a victory, and there are equally as many that can bring ruin to a performance. Unfortunately for Leclerc, he was given the opportunity to get intimately acquainted with the latter.

Alas, all there’s left to do is pick up the pieces and lessons from today and trudge forward to the remainder of the F2 season.

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