Anthony Davidson talks about the car people are tipping for victory at Le Mans

Toyota have started the 2017 WEC season with victories in both of their first two races. Now the calendar looks towards the world famous Le Mans 24 Hours. Anthony Davidson recently spoke to Mobil 1 The Grid about the challenges involved in driving the Toyota TS050

Davidson won the WEC title with teammate Sebastien Buemi back in 2014. You may recall their V8 powered, 1000hp monster TS040. For 2016, Toyota came up with the hybrid TS050 and suffered an agonising disaster during the last lap out in Le Mans. This year’s car rocketed to victory at Silverstone in the hands of Davidson, Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima, as they saw off a late race challenge from the Porsche 919’s. Davidson pointed to the team’s system of deciding who goes into the car when, with Buemi often starting the races for the #8 car.

“We normally have the same system in our team. Seb enjoys doing the starts, and me and Kazuki just enjoy watching him getting his teeth out at the beginning of proceedings.”

–¬†Anthony Davidson












A typical stint for a driver in a WEC car is around 2 hours, maybe longer during Le Mans. One can only imagine the incredible humidity as the drivers swap over.

Davidson goes on to say that the first few laps are absolutely vital for a new driver:

“Its up to you to click into things as quickly as possible. You can gain or lose valuable seconds in those opening few laps of your stint. In amongst the traffic, some drivers are new out there or been out there a while and finding your rhythm is very hard.”

– Anthony Davidson

The current LMP1 cars have massive amounts of downforce when they are in the high downforce specification–they were like rocket ships through the high speed corners of Silverstone. The track lends itself to Toyota’s and Porsche, and watching these cars go through the Maggots and Becketts complex is something every motorsport fan must experience.

“This style of racing really calls upon a lot of skill sets from the driver and that’s why I enjoy it!”

– Anthony Davidson

With Le Mans next up on the calendar, Davidson and his teammates will be hoping luck falls their way through to the checkered flag this time around. The team really has the car capable of winning Le Mans this year as they did last year. The drivers will be in the cars for up to three hours at a time, and the physical demands of the Le Mans circuit over 24 hours is like no other challenge they will face all season.

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