Guy Martin lucky to be alive following “mechanical failure”

Guy Martin was lucky to escape in one piece during the Isle of Man TT 2017, RST Superbike race. The charismatic Englishman, who is riding the much maligned Honda Fireblade SP2, was clearly shocked following his fall. 

Something is rotten in the state of Honda.The Fireblade was once one of the most consistent, reliable and dominant machines in road racing, but sadly the new model doesn’t seem to have undergone the same rigorous development and testing.

It was clear from his interview that Guy was understandably fuming. “It’s just a box full of neutrals on the bike,” Guy said between gritted teeth. “Went into Balloch bridge; shot…neutral, neutral, neutral, trying to get a gear…nothing.”

“Angry at who?” Guy added, when queried about where the fault lies. “The team are brilliant, no one’s at fault there,” he added. Guy’s resigned look summed up the situation, this is the end of the road for the SP2 at the Isle of Man. This fabled island is no place for second-guessing, and when every TT fan in the world knows what’s going on, you can only imagine how Guy feels. Falling off your bike at 140 mph on a dangerous section–eight people have died here in the race’s history–gives him the right to be angry with Honda.

We all know what he is like after a fall, he is always happy to accept his luck as it comes around. This time was different. No smiles, no jokes, just a man with a contractual obligation to keep his Honda shirt on and his mouth closed.

Guy Martin following a crash at the 2010 TT.

Youtube’s best take on the crash:

“I’m surprised he’s still wearing the Honda shirt after that…. He doesn’t seem like a guy who takes mechanical failures, especially ones that could have killed him, very lightly.”


“I am thinking about buying a fireblade sp2, although I don’t like the standard colours. I think for the new model it would look much better in beige or grey. A nice neutral colour to match the gearbox.”


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