Why Verstappen will leave Red Bull

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is undoubtedly Formula One’s hottest rising star – but his team hasn’t been doing all it can to give him the platform he needs.

To a Formula One driver, results are everything. To a young Formula One driver at the start of his career, results are weighted a thousandfold more. While much attention has been given to the young F1 rookie Lance Stroll, there is another driver that is feeling the pressure for positive results more than the Canadian: Max Verstappen. The Dutch teenager has proven that he is an absolute tour de force behind the wheel – even before he broke the world record for the youngest driver to win a Formula One Grand Prix in 2016. Now, hungry for results that will boost his career to new heights, Verstappen is having to deal with Red Bull’s inability to supply him with a consistent package.

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Although he managed to place himself on the third rung of the podium at the 2017 China Grand Prix, his remaining efforts have been absolutely dismal – to speak lightly. Multiple mechanical failures have hobbled absolutely incredible pushes by the driver who’s building a reputation for being a daredevil among the F1 ranks. Although Red Bull have attempted to placate Verstappen’s frustrations with assurances of increased power and reliability, they’ve yet to put their performance where their mouth is – and Max’s patience is due to run out anytime soon.

Verstappen’s fortunes have not paid dividends in 2017. And despite being at the very start of his F1 career, he has shown that he is not in the habit of practicing patience. While that may come back to bite him down the line, thus far it has been the source of the vicious streak that has put him at the top of many F1 fans’ list. He’s keenly aware that time waits for no one, and he is eager to capitalize on his potential within the sport. He won’t, however, be able to achieve such a goal while Red Bull still struggles to ensure both of their drivers have a car capable of finishing a race.

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Although no open team spots are currently visible in the public eye, there are always stirrings happening behind the scenes. One would be incredibly remiss to think that the likes of Mercedes or Ferrari have not been keeping an eye on the flying Dutchman for their future plans. A future that may come to pass sooner than many may expect should Red Bull continue to struggle to give Max a car worth driving.

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