LEAKED: F1 Drivers post-Canada Whatsapp Chat

Lewis Hamilton has called Vettel’s bluff on post-race compliments with a nod to understanding the basic principles of reverse psychology. The Brit completed the fourth grand slam of his career at the weekend. The Force India fall-out kick off again too, but stranger things are discussed here:

In other news, the Force India pit-wall have looked into their policy on race management as the contractual small print of Sergio Perez’ position within the team could have denied them a podium on Sunday, with wobbly instructions denying Esteban Ocon the chance to challenge Daniel Ricciardo for 3rd. A spokesperson for the team said,

“It isn’t the fault of the drivers at all. We basically weren’t demanding enough in our instructions to both drivers, so we need to address being too passive in making internal passing on track pacify our driver line-up properly.

It’s why we’ve made the decision to invite one of Donald Trump’s senior political advisors, Dick McLizardface, to the team. He will call definitive shots from the pit wall, without any pre-thought or great understanding. We’re basically going to tweet our instructions to the drivers from now on, so there’s no lack of clarity.

We’re team order deniers despite the empirical evidence that they do exist, and now we’ve got the means to play out this agenda.”

– Force India spokesperson

MONTREAL, QC – JUNE 11: Sergio Perez of Mexico driving the (11) Sahara Force India F1 Team VJM10 on track during the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix


It’s a scary development, a divisive one that tows the fine line of politicising a post that’s supposed to be about sport. There will no doubt be team order deniers that support this appointment through their own ignorance, which could go a long way to spelling out any efforts to understand and acknowledge team orders in what has always been a team sport.


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