Ducati bouncing back hard: “Now we are much closer to first place”

Fighting an uphill battle since the start of the season, MotoGP team Ducati has gone above and beyond by securing back-to-back wins for themselves.

In a series of events that are likely to go down in the archives as one of the quickest comebacks to form in the world of MotoGP, Ducati has somehow managed to flip their fortunes right back around. The Italian marque has long labored to offer up a competitive package to stand toe-to-toe against the likes of Honda and Yamaha, but seemed to have lost their path along the way – hit with considerably mixed results.

No longer. The crimson team is standing resolute behind its Desmosedici and duo of Andrea Dovizioso and newcomer Jorge Lorenzo. Even Lorenzo, who’s entire participation in the Ducati project was called into question earlier this year, has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with atop his new team’s bike. While it is far too early to be calling any team out as the favorite for the 2017 season, Ducati’s presence on the podium has graced MotoGP with one of the most interesting three-way match-ups that it has seen in a long time.

As the team presses forward, work is certain to continue apace – implementing countermeasures for performance issues and capitalizing on the package they’ve already fielded. Although the team will work ‘round the clock to ensure that it capitalizes on the performance it has demonstrated thus far, that won’t stop Andrea Dovizioso from taking a moment to revel in the team’s achievements:

“Being on the top step of the podium once again, just one week after our extraordinary win at Mugello, confirms that we have been working really well.
Now we are much closer to first place in the championship.

Until a few months ago all this would have been unthinkable and so it has been vitally important to keep a cool head even in the difficult moments we have gone through.”

– Andrea Dovizioso

Ducati has its work cut out for itself, as neither Yamaha nor Honda will go down without a fight. Both teams have already had incredibly strong showings from both of their riders – which puts all the more pressure on Jorge Lorenzo. The Spaniard has shown that his hard work is paying off, but he is considerably lacking in the results department when stacked up with the likes of rest of the pack.

Time and practice is all that Lorenzo needs to ensure that he maximizes his potential atop the Desmosdeci. But time is fast becoming a scant resource for the newcomer as the season truly begins to heat up.

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