Why Robert Kubica returning to F1 is Inevitable

Robert Kubica had his future in Formula One ripped away from him – but the Polish driver is primed to make a comeback to the premier class.

When Robert Kubica sustained his life-altering injuries in Rally back in 2011, many fans believed that their favorite driver’s rising career was brought to a sudden halting stop. In fact, even Kubica himself has admitted that he’s felt the same way. To go from racing around international tracks with some of the best riders in the world, to being forced to put your career on instant halt would rattle even the strongest composure.

Yes, many ruled Kubica out as yet another victim of the world of Motorsports. Alas, they were wrong to do so. Kubica completed a test with Renault in June of 2017, completing 115 laps around the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. Although Kubica tested in a 2012-spec Lotus car, his performance – after being out of the game for so long – has been astounding.

While neither Robert nor Renault wished to comment on any of the rumors regarding his potential return to the world of Formula One, it’s safe to say that his return is all but inevitable. Liberty Media have been quite frank about how they wish to facilitate an ecosystem in which fans can zero-in on multiple ongoing narratives, and Kubica’s situation would fit perfectly into one of those slots.

Just as much as Kubica deserves to be back in a single-seater and show his mettle, the triumphant return of a faded driver would ignite the media channels across the globe. In truth, Liberty Media would be outright insane not to capitalize on the story. The largest concern to emerge out of Kubica’s potential return is the possible need for additional mechanisms that would aid Kubica in shifting gears whilst in the single-seater. An issue that Renault’s Trackside Operations Director Alan Permane believes won’t be an issue, and that all that could be added was “a very, very small modification to the steering wheel for shifting”.

Although if Kubica comes back to F1 under Renault, what does that mean for the current boys in yellow? Both Hulkenberg and Palmer have had relatively lackluster performances thus far, but would Renault really give one of them the boot because ol’ Robert was showing his interest again? Highly unlikely – but one can’t help but feel something bubbling underneath.

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