Formula One: Lance Stroll’s time is running short

Formula One amateur Lance Stroll has a lot to prove during his maiden season of Formula One – despite just scoring his first set of points in the championship, the young driver is not safe.

No one expected Lance Stroll to blaze his way to the top of the charts during his first couple of Grand Prix during the 2017 Formula One season. Well, everyone but the over-eager Canadians who finally got to see their nation represented on the F1 stage. Truly, Stroll has had a difficult season. After being taken out of the race multiple times due to the over-aggressive actions of other drivers, the young rookie finally managed to eke out a few race finishes – and a finish in the points not long after.

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Though many rejoiced – and rightfully so – that Stroll had managed to place the second Williams car in the points and began to shoulder his obligation to the team even somewhat slightly, Stroll is running out of time to show what he is capable of. We can all say that we understand his plight in being the youngest and greenest driver out on the track, but that sentiment counts for nothing once you’re stacked up against the world’s most elite drivers. Stroll has been given an excellent opportunity to begin a Formula One career, and he’ll need to push himself past the breaking point in order to make his dream future a reality.

While there are plenty of those that believe Stroll’s position in Formula One was bought by his father to the tune of around $45 million dollars, his father’s significant contributions may have aided the young Stroll in securing his Williams seat, but the details matter little in the grand scheme of things. Either Stroll is capable of putting himself amongst the ranks of giants, or he’ll flounder and fade into obscurity – there is no other alternative.

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– Could be on $5 an hour, his dad’s still a billionaire.

The 2017 season is fast approaching its halfway point, and the desperation of the grid will only increase as they march steadily closer to the end of the line. The best thing for Stroll to do would be to not panic, and continue learning as much as he can with the time he has inside of the Williams 2017 challenger. Stroll has already proven that he’s a fast learner, he just has to ensure he can sustain that level of adaptation throughout the remainder of his time in Williams and Formula One – time that one hopes will be for many years to come.

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