MotoGP: What’s really behind Andrea Dovioso’s sudden victories

Italian MotoGP Ducati rider Andrea Dovisioso has come leagues from where he was last year – but what’s the secret behind it?

How many parts man and how many parts machine does it take to make a MotoGP Grand Prix Winner? While many outside of the realm of Motorsport – those that might just give the world of competitive motor racing a feeble glance of interest – might believe that the machines are largely responsible for the performance seen out on the track. What with all of the electronics and computerized modules making the bikes “smarter”, surely, it becomes a matter of who’s got the best kit, right?

If that above sentiment inspired any form of revulsion in you, you’re on the right track. While any self-respecting MotoGP fan would know that a rider’s bike is an immensely important part of their arsenal, it’s what rests between their two ears that will determine whether they flounder and fade from the limelight, or soar like World Champions.

So much of a rider’s outcome is founded on their mental attitude; resolve, determination, preparation, and confidence. Should any of these be lacking, the rider will suffer greatly at the hands of his competition. Andrea Dovizioso was no stranger to that. Back in 2016, the Italian struggled to garner a strong showing for his home team of Ducati – until now, where he’s scoring back-to-back Grand Prix wins. The secret sauce? An openness to confront the old, habitual ways in which he looked at the world:

“I believe I understood a lot of things about life, and it helped me to approach everything, life and the sport, in a different way.

From that my results were much better, if you check the results last year and this year.

I’m really happy about that. Really happy to be more relaxed, to know more about the reality of a few things and to try to get the maximum results in that way.

I feel a little bit different from last year and, for sure, that helps the result I did this year.”

– Andrea Dovisioso

Dovi’s rise to stardom has thrown the competition into disarray, and bolstered a once-hobbling Ducati into a force to be reckoned with on the track. It’s a marvel just how much Andrea has improved over his past performances. The lesson he learned regarding relaxation is likely to be one that will separate him from the rest of the pack form a long time to come.

Too often have we seen riders who dive headfirst into the attack, leaving no room for correction or grace – and throw themselves out of the race to lose it all. If Dovi has truly learned his lesson and can keep this sort of performance up, we’ll have a Ducati World Champion soon enough.

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