MotoGP: Jack Miller publicly blasts his team, “I’m still getting d—-d”

MotoGP Marc VDS Honda Rider Jack Miller has publicly blasted his team for lack of support on his bike – a bold move or a brash pitfall?

The relationship between rider and team is always a tricky one in MotoGP. On the one hand, the best that the partnership could hope for is smooth sailing without too many rough patches for either party. On the other hand, the possibility of such an event occurring in the highly completive world of MotoGP racing is next to nil. But there’s always something peculiar about a rider who takes to blasting the team they’re currently riding for. Case in point: Jack Miller.

Miller has been riding for Marv VDS Honda – and has been breaking his back for them long enough – to justify receiving an upgraded kit to ride. And yet, he’s been forced to languish with the same issues with power delivery that have plagued him for far too many weeks. It seems like Miller has finally passed the boiling point, and has opened with a fiery salvo against his employers, blasting them for their lack of support:

“I’m here, putting in the work and, it sucks to say but I had a shit bike in the first year, last year wasn’t much fucking better and this year it seems I’m on the bike I got given at the Phillip Island test.

Nothing has been updated; the same problem I’ve been complaining about since Qatar is still happening now. I’m still getting dicked on the acceleration, it sucks.” – Jack Miller

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Millers’ frustration with his outfit may be viewed by some as “crossing the line”, but the rider has endured far more than he ever should have under the VDS banner. One could argue that he’s been left out to pasture while other Honda riders such as Marquez, Pedrosa, and Crutchlow, receive full factory support. A point that Miller was all to happy to make when asked why he can’t keep up with the other Honda boys:

“That’s because their bike’s fucking better. It sucks.

I feel like not only a second rider but a third rider, you know what I mean?” – Jack Miller

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Miller’s statements might give off the appearance of career suicide, but for Jack to make such comments in the first place tells us that he’s all but ready to jump ship from VDS Honda and seek a brighter future with another partner. And, to his credit, the move may not be as crazy as some think.

By making as much of a splash as he has with his comments, Miller is achieving two effects simultaneously: 1) he is lighting a fire underneath Honda, indicating that his time and patience with then is nearing its end. 2) he’s firing a flare off above his head to the rest of the MotoGP grid, showcasing that he may very well be free soon to pursue other contractual obligations. Whether or his (suspected) plan pans out remains to be seen, but Miller’s right on the money: if you’re not competitive in the world of MotoGP, you had better become it – and fast.

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