In Pictures: The Potential Team Liquid Roster For The 2017 NA LCS Spring Split

After years of milling in mid-table mediocrity, Team Liquid are reportedly ready to step up to the plate with some heavy roster swaps. With NA LCS star Jungler, Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin supposedly having already signed a deal that would see him playing in the sky blue of Liquid next season, the speculation regarding TL’s 2017 roster is whirring into a frenzy. Reignover surely wouldn’t have joined a historically-average squad without the promise of additional talent?

Team Liquid’s bolstered finances have been well-publicised over the course of 2016, with cash rich sponsorships flying in from a number of directions including Monster Energy, Razer and Despite their relative wealth within the North American League of Legends scene, 2016 ultimately left the team with nothing to show for all their stashed capital… except for a movie highlighting the team’s crippling flaws.

Source: liquidpro
Source: liquidpro

If the film highlighted anything, it was that the Team Liquid roster required a complete overhaul. With the addition of Reignover, TL have made a significant step towards their goal, but there’s still plenty of room to make improvements. Team Liquid were reportedly in talks with both Reignover and Immortals Support, Adrian “Adrian” Ma as early as September.

The speculation regarding Team Liquid’s future roster additions continue to excite their fan base, to the complete bewilderment to the wider North American League of Legends community.

To break things down, here is a list of the main contenders for a spot on Team Liquid’s 2017 roster:

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