Why the World Needs Motorsports More Than Ever

With an ultra-connected world and technological progress rising faster and faster with each year, the world of sporting will need Motorsports more than ever before.

It sounds like a grandiose claim, but it isn’t. Most sports by non-followers tend to be written off as a vapid affair in which the feeble-minded are easily amused. At worst, Motorsports gets looked at as the thing that “people who like to watch hunks of metal go fast” sink their time into – but we know better than that. The world of Motorsports is an incredible diverse and stimulating one. One that offers a plethora of engagement points for the innumerably varied spectators that it garners.

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The true international spectacles that are premier class sports such as Formula One and MotoGP highlight and underscore the importance of the international community, and give each participating nation a chance to share their culture and the Motorsport experience with foreign visitors. Although the fervor and merriment may only last for a weekend, the interpersonal relationships – and with the advent of the digital age, virtual – possibilities are near-limitless. Whenever a group collects around a shared interest, a community is formed.

It’s a secret to know one that the world of today could use a lot more community and bond-building than ever before. Our newfound ease and ability to connect with another seems to be ever-shadowed by the potential to split the differences between us into chasms – forcing us to continually perpetuate the same mistakes of those that came before us, and drive a larger wedge between those we could call compatriots.

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Motorsports are the answer. With truly international and multi-cultural teams, drivers, fans, locations, and culture – the world of motor racing could be a bigger boon than most would give it credit for. As many series and divisions take their first, tentative steps into the world of social media and digital fan engagement, they will find that lovers of all things fast and furious don’t simply want to observe, they want to share it. Watching a brilliant fight unfold at the apex of a turn is quite the affair, but shared with others they become cathartic.

Suddenly, the rifts between are shrunk. The differences that “separate” us, remind us that we are all more alike than we thought. And that, is something that the world can use a whole lot more

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