The Rise of the Global Rallycross Scene

Rallycross has begun to take the world by storm as one of the most exciting new forms of Motorsport – but where did this hybrid concoction come from?

The history of Motorsport is one that is rife with passion, ingenuity, and hard-fought victories. The improvements to the machines that give rise to such heated championships are ceaseless. The possibilities they each new technological development brings is endless. Out of the thousands of variants of Motorsport that have come forth over the years, perhaps none is more captivating than Rallycross.

Rallycross has managed to not only dig out a niche for itself since its inception as a TV show back in 1967, but has capitalized flawlessly on what sets it apart from the rest of the pack. For the uninitiated: image if you were to take the tight cornering and fantastic weight distribution of a rally car, and slap it onto a closed circuit in traditional starting grid format. If you’re thinking that would lead to white-knuckle races across the battlefields of drifting and traction control – you’re right.

The sport got its start out on the grassy knolls of England, where its roots can be found in the annals of autocross and autograss racing. The low cost of entry and wide-open spaces gave the first rallycrossers the setting they needed to turn an average hillside into a truly spectacular form of Motorsport.

Fast-forward to the proper development and funding of the Rallycross series, and you’ve got the likes of Formula One driver Vic Elford taking the first Rallycross Championship win in 1968 in a Porsche 911. Hit the fast-forward button to get to the present day, and you’ve got the virulent persistence of a sport that wants to offer its high-speed and low-traction excitement to all around the world. Rallycross has since expanded out of the U.K. to the Netherlands, Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

It has, arguably, taken the best elements of what is seen during the World Rally Championship and managed to successfully fuse it with the excitement of circuit racing. It’s far more than once per race that Rallycross drivers slam their sides into opponents as they both careen around a tight corning, fish-tailing like some sort of synthetic beast hell-bent on out-pacing its opponent. Rallycross certainly offers a high-octane form of excitement that is tough to beat – a sentiment dearly held by the series’ fans worldwide. For those that are intrigued by the concept but haven’t yet dipped their toes in: you’re welcome. It’s time to start.

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