How Maverick Vinales is the Verstappen of MotoGP

Maverick Vinales has stormed to the front of the pack with a ferocity that has been seldom seen on the MotoGP grid – although his F1 counterpart is clear as day.

Maverick Vinales has undoubtedly proved one thing during the start of the 2017 MotoGP season: nothing will stand in his way of claiming his first MotoGP championship. The young rider has emerged like a bat out of hell, taking back-to-back wins in a period that seemed to all but cement him as the reigning champ of the season. Unfortunately, a crash and mechanical issues have forced him down a peg, but his dedication and determination to the cause remains absolute. And yet, he’s not the only racer on the grid to exemplify the qualities of persistence, adaptation, and aggression as well as he does.

Indeed, Formula One Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is the perfect complement to Vinales’ style. The Dutchman has certainly suffered worse luck than his two-wheel riding Spanish counterpart for the start of his season, but mechanical issues be damned – Verstappen has showed time and again why he is deserving to be world champion. What sets the two apart from nearly every other driver and rider in the paddock is their incredible proclivity to adapt to the new and challenging conditions that may head their way.

Both have demonstrated a seeming sixth sense when it comes to performing in wet, low-traction situations. Somehow, it would seem that the danger of facing a much more unforgiving track surface brings out the best in both of them – much to the chagrin of many other racers. And yet, while the two appear to be two peas in a pod, there are distinct differences. Where the new Maverick has shown himself to be a calm and collected presence on the grid, Verstappen has still a long way to go in that department.

No one can deny the teenagers prowess behind the wheel, but his propensity for outbursts and his hot streak of a temper does indeed run the risk of landing the young driver in more trouble than it’s worth being in. To his credit, much of his frustration could be chalked up to the fact that he’s been promised a championship-winning car by Red Bull, and they’re yet to deliver. Thankfully for Vinales, he has no need to worry about such things – Movistar Yamaha has him well fielded for the future.

While the comparison between the two may seem like a strange pastime, consider this: the two young racers are some of the youngest and best that have ever shown their face in their respective premier Motorsports – hell, Verstappen became the first teenager to win a F1 Grand Prix race during his stint at Red Bull.

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