F1: Why Verstappen will replace Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has hit another rough patch in his career, and with just several penalty points short of termination, he may be up for replacement.

After a race like Baku, the future seems a lot less certain. The outright bizarre race featured everything from a podium placement from F1 rookie Lance Stroll to a low-speed clash between current rivals Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. While it was a race of collisions that bent axles at grotesque angles and mechanical failures that forced a hefty sum to retire early, it was the spark in the conflict between Vettel and Hamilton that has captivated a global audience.

Sebastien Vettel has always been the more fiery-tempered of the two, culminating in his verbal tirade against F1’s Race Director Charlie Whiting in 2016 – an incident that he’s looked to put behind himself as quickly as possible. As much of an effort as he may have been making, Vettel’s actions at Baku put him 3 points away from receiving a race ban. Now, what follows is not an assumption that Ferrari is eager cut ties with Vettel – they’ve shown that they’re willing to stick by their drivers. However, we must consider the possibility that should Vettel continue to show himself as something of a loose cannon, Ferrari may scoop a new and hungry driver to replace him.

In what would be considered as one of the most incredible transitions of power in the field of Formula One, Max Verstappen has begun to emerge as a highly viable future candidate for Ferrari. The young driver has proved that he is hell-bent on winning a World Championship. Unfortunately, he’s been let down by Red Bull this season more times than he’s been held up by them.

Other than his lucky podium placement in China, young Verstappen has been plagued by reliability issues that have seen him drop out of more races than finish. He’s already looking on the horizon for future seats, and Ferrari would absolutely suit his goals of having a top-tier car to win the championship in. The Mercedes boys are more than certainly locked-in and accounted for. There’s no sign that Hamilton is going anywhere just yet, and Bottas looks to have secured a second year at the Silver Arrows. Vettel, on the other hand, is starting to sit on increasingly rocky ground.

It will take a lot more than a low-speed bump to make Ferrari split ways with a multi-championship driver for an unblooded one, but Vettel’s temper has proven that it has a tendency to resurface time and again. Should the German not actively work to amend it, he might find himself being replaced by the teen he’s come to blows with before.

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