Valentino Rossi on the 2017 Season: “Anything can change”

MotoGP Movistar Yamaha Rider Valentino Rossi has been around the block longer than any other rider, and even he’s aware that the times are a’-changin’.

MotoGP is in a very interesting, and very healthy place currently. The series has not only managed to offer the spectacle of the world’s fastest bikes being commanded by the world’s best riders, but it has also shown that it presents a captivating championship race that can change on a dime – and no man knows this better than Valentino Rossi.

Chalk it up to engine parity, chassis design enforcement, or simply tire usage, but the 2017 season has been a veritable rollercoaster ride thus far. With Yamaha’s Maverick VInales stealing back-to-back victories, followed by a brief resurgence by defending World Champion Marc Marquez, to the rise of an indomitable Valentino Rossi, there has been no end to the possibilities that can come out of the rest of the season.

The season is, as Rossi calls it, incredibly open. His performance thus far is a testament to that. After an abysmal pre-season showing and what seemed to be an equally torrid early-season start, Valentino Rossi has shot back up to contend for the championship along the likes of his Vinales and Ducati front man Andrea Dovizioso. Although some riders may wish for an easy path to the podium, Rossi has always been one to favor a fight, and this season’s gauntlet is suiting him just fine:

“It’s coming after a great race [Assen], a great battle with Danilo, with Marc, with [Johann] Zarco also – and also on the technical point I am happy because we work a lot and we change the chassis and I am able to ride the bike in a better way. It’s important also for the championship because it’s incredibly open after eight races between a lot of different riders and different bikes, so it’s very interesting.

We discovered this season that from one week to the other, everything can change, so it will be very important next week to try to be strong also in Sachsenring.

The championship is unbelievable and I’m so happy that it is like this because it’s also great fun to follow. Nothing is closed and everything is open between different riders and also different bikes.”

– Valentino Rossi

Rossi is right on the money on how fun MotoGP has been to follow. While there will always be the odd Formula One race – like Baku – where the world seems to be upturned for the duration of the race, we’re stuck with a battle between two top-tier teams often. And while that can produce the effective spectacle to enthrall viewers, it presents itself as more of a slow burn rather than the exciting and unpredictable world of MotoGP. It almost makes one not care about the significantly lower lap count per race. Almost.

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