Remembering Nigel Corner’s crash at Goodwood (the luckiest man in motorsport)

The incredible photograph was captured by Jeff Bloxam and below Alain de Cadenet talks us through the moment when Nigel was shockingly ejected from the cockpit of his Dino right in front of him.

Corner was luckly to have survived, but make no mistake, he was far from uninjured; he broke 20 bones, including his back, and punctured both lungs. He took a year to mend before making his comeback–retiring the same day.

The Goodwood website reported his progress in comical fashion, harking memories of bikers who complain when paramedics cut off their leathers.

Nigel Corner sitting up in his hospital bed with a cracked collar bone and ribs, and a punctured lung, anxious not for himself, but for the progress on restoring his Ferrari, and complaining about how much it will cost.

Nigel’s beloved ex-Phil Hill 1960 Italian Grand Prix-winning Ferrari Dino survived the crash and was restored to its original condition. Corner’s attitude following the crash is something to behold:

“I’m alive, which is all that matters. The accident was just one of those things, but somebody up there was smiling down on me.

“I’d like to thank the marvellous people at Goodwood and the hospital, who certainly saved my life. All I remember was being picked up off the grass [at the side of the track] in agony, then waking up in intensive care eight hours later. They did a fan tastic job there, because the lungs nearly finished me off. I’m a very lucky boy, and while I’ve been told I can’t drive or fly for three months, I’ll be back.”

“The car stood up remarkably well, the major damage being to the top of the scuttle area. “Those old Ferraris are bloody strong, but if I’d been belted in I’d be a dead man now,” “If you have a rollover bar, you’re probably better off wearing belts, but it’s down to personal choice. The day we’re made to put a rollcage on that type of car is the day I stop racing them.”

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