Sebastian Vettel is disqualified and docked points following FIA hearing

Sebastien Vettel has been disqualified from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after ramming rival driver Lewis Hamilton.

The Mirror reports that the German could be docked all of his 12 points from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He had finished fourth–one place above the Brit. The Ferrari driver accused Hamilton of brake testing him in Baku, but his aggressive reaction garnered much criticism. The 30-year-old faced the FIA this morning–on his birthday.

Vettel’s disqualification would completely change the makeup of the standings, and open the door for Hamilton. He trails the German by 14 points but will now likely be boosted to fourth for the Baku race, gaining him an extra two as Vettel is docked 12.

Reports suggest that a ‘leaked document’ from the FIA tribunal has emerged after the video evidence has been examined to consider a punishment for Vettel, with the letter signed off by FIA chief Jean Todt.

It claims Vettel made a “deliberate breach” of Article 27.4 of FIA regulations.

The reasoning reads: “The following incident between car 5 and car 44 was deemed to be only responsibility of car 5.

Are we surprised by this? Roseberg offered a fairly balanced view when speaking at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He was asked for his verdict on the clash and whether Hamilton brake tested Vettel or not.

“My opinion? I’m German. I’ve got to be careful now…” Rosberg joked.

“It’s pretty simple. To be honest, I’m the guy who knows Lewis best in the whole of the racing industry, so I think I’m in the best position to judge it.

“For sure he didn’t do that on purpose, definitely.”

More to follow…

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