Verstappen Confidence with Red Bull is Reaching its End

Formula One driver Max Verstappen has admitted that he’s losing confidence in the Austrian-based manufacturer team – despite his best efforts to stay calm.

It’s easy to feel bad for Max Verstappen. The young driver has the future of Formula One painted all over him, yet he can do but naught as he is continually hampered by technical issues facing his RB13. Although Verstappen’s most recent DNF at Austria came at the hands of Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat, Verstappen’s current disposition toward his 2017 Red Bull challenger holds that the clutch problem he encountered would have forced him out of the Grand Prix anyway.

It’s a tough position for the Dutch teenager to be in. After Baku, Max has desperately needed a sign that his string of DNFs would finally reach an end, yet the technical issues he continued to suffer in Austria have pushed the normally fiery teen driver into almost placid state of resignation towards the Red Bull project.

After the incident at Baku, Max stormed off-circuit without speaking to the press. An action that saw him incur a 25,000 Euro penalty as the driver’s contracts state they must do a debrief with the press following any early race retirements. One look at Max’s result in Baku and – well, can we blame him? However, his tune has changed from raging against the circumstances to one of quiet but drastically lost confidence:

“I actually was reasonably calm. But it’s very disappointing of course, what happened. This way you lose confidence. Not in myself, but in the whole thing I mean, if it keeps on happening. This needs to stop at some point. I know they always do their very best. Also, it’s constantly something else, so you can’t fix it really, because every time it’s something else.” – Max Verstappen

Verstappen has already admitted that his dreams of being a contender for the 2017 championship have all but evaporated, and that his only remaining objective to focus on is personal performance for the remainder of the year – but that personal performance metric become a whole lot harder to hit if you’re sitting in a circuit’s run-off in what is effectively a lemon of a car.

Max acknowledged that Red Bull’s higher-ups – the likes of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko – were incredibly apologetic over the circumstances he has found himself in, but wasted no time in emphasizing that apologies don’t fix the underlying issues with his car:

“What can I say? ‘Sorry’ doesn’t get me anywhere. Since Monaco I have scored zero points.” – Max Verstappen

Red Bull are the only team in the Top Three that have experienced such catastrophic failures with their drivers. Sure, Mercedes and Ferrari have had inconsistent results regarding the likes of their duos, but nothing as ludicrous as the string of DNFs that Verstappen has been hit with. If the Austrian manufacturer doesn’t sort its problem out soon, they’ll lose the Flying Dutchman for good.

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