Hamilton Backs Up Decision to Abstain from London Event

Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has defended his decision to refrain from attending the F1 Live event in London, claiming that he needed the break.

Given how popular the most recent F1 Live event in London was, Lewis Hamilton’s presence was a stark omission. Although an event that took place on home soil for him, Hamilton was nowhere to be found. Apparently enough have asked the question of “where’s Lewy?” to prompt the Silver Arrow to response. In short, Hamilton just felt that his presence there would do nothing to aid him in the upcoming Grand Prix.

Lewis was the only driver absent from the event, while all other 19 were present to take various models of F1 cars out on the streets to rev up the hearts of the spectators with burnouts, doughnuts, and screeching engines echoing off the buildings. Yet, in Hamilton’s mind, his participation in the event would have done nothing to see his chances of winning the British Grand Prix improve:

“For me I felt that it had been a pretty intense season so far and for me I needed to prepare the best way I could this weekend. The season is the most important thing for me and that is really it.

People can have opinions about it. It is a very intense season, I am trying to prepare the best way I can for the battle ahead of me.

I don’t feel yesterday played any role in how great this weekend will be. It has been growing every year, people save up so much to come up to this grand prix – you will see how much I appreciate and respect that.” – Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton has already caught the brunt of the flak from supporters who’d turned up to the event in hopes of seeing their favorite Brit zip around London in his winning car, but alas – they never got the chance to. Although Hamilton has explained that he’s doing all he can to engage with his fans when he’s not racing, it does seem a bit off on his part to be the only driver to abstain from participation in the event.

To be sure, Hamilton does boast one of the largest and most engaged followings out of any Formula One driver. Perhaps that is why his absence seems to be such a drastic shift from his usual antics. Or perhaps its knowing that his position in the championship is not as cozy as it once was. With both his teammate Bottas and rival Sebastian Vettel closing the gap and heating the fight for the top up, it’s easy to empathize with the pressure that Hamilton is under.

Then again, he is a racer, and primarily an entertainer. So the question becomes: to what end must the following of Formula One hold.

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