Valentino Rossi explains Marc Marquez success in terms we can all understand

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider Valentino Rossie has singled out the qualities that made Marc Marquez shoot to the top of the championship once more.

Marc Marquez has undoubtedly made one of the best charges back into the championship contention in recent memory. The defending world champion spent a hefty portion of the season opening giving off the appearance that his struggles atop the Repsol Honda ’17 challenger were proving to be more trouble than they were worth. Crash after crash made it appear that the Spaniard was going to let his championship slip away from him before he ever had the chance to mount an attack.

Thankfully, such did not come to pass, and Marquez has once again proved why he’s defending world champion. His impressive comeback which started in Texas at the Circuit of the Americas was the first step in the climb back up to the top, and his determination has impressed all around the paddock – including long-time rival Valentino Rossi. Rossi spoke out on why he believes Marquez was able to secure first for himself in a season that has so many potential contenders for the win, chalking it up to the Spaniard’s ability for damage mitigation:

“Marquez is leading because in the times he was most in trouble, he lost fewer points than we did in our most difficult moments. So, he has been very strong, he won when he needed to, but when he struggled he limited the damage very well. That’s why he’s in the lead.” – Valentino Rossi

Marquez has indeed maneuvered himself deftly over the last several Grand Prixs, Rossi was quick to add that in a hectic season such as this, there is no favourite for the win:

“I think all of us that are fighting for the world championship at this time are on the same level. There is no favourite. I would not discount Pedrosa, either, he isn’t far behind. Nobody can predict what will happen in the next races of the championship. I don’t think we can say there’s a race I can definitely win.” – Valentino Rossi

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That unpredictability is what has given MotoGP the edge over other forms of Motorsport for several years running now. While the Formula One title battle has been primarily relegated to the teams of Mercedes and Ferrari, the battle for the championship on two wheels is undoubtedly a melting pot of contenders.

It would be tempting to try to predict who will come out on top, but given the state of the grid, there truly is no way to know until the end. With the luck and past performances that the Yamaha boys have had, they could very easily come back up to the front once again. And yet, one cannot discredit the crimson menace that is Andrea Dovizioso, slowly chewing up competitors as he races to the front. The only thing left to do is wait, and see.

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