Formula One’s Next Investment in Tech: SnapChat

Formula One has long been the pinnacle of technological innovation in Motorsport – but their next tech foray is something the sport isn’t accustomed to.

True to their pledge, new F1 owners Liberty Media have been pushing the sport into new forays of fan engagement and media tech utilization. While the most major tech overhauls have long been the business that happens behind closed garage doors, F1’s most recent change has been the extensive overhaul that has been implemented to the nature which the sport markets and distributes itself. Social media was always the target, and now F1 has zeroed-in on their newest target: SnapChat.

The service, which is notoriously popular among millennials, allows the user to send and share photos and small snippets of video that are only viewable for a preset duration before they are sent onward to digital oblivion. While the service was popularized by individuals who felt compelled to share every vapid moment of their lives–and sending dick pics on the sly–SnapChat has been gaining ground as a popular marketing and customer reach tool.

Companies, brands, celebrities and the like have been eager to tear into its potential, and SnapChat has been only so gracious to respond in kind by giving their clientele what they want. They’ve done such a good job at it, that Liberty Media have decided to capitalize on it as part of their new social media strategy. F1’s Digital Head Frank Arthofer shared details regarding the incoming implementation:

“This is the first step towards expanding our social media strategy. Right from the start, we have said we want to work with partners to bring fans closer to the amazing show that is Formula 1, an incredible mix of technology and individual talent – and Snap fits that bill.

We need to continue to bring new fans to the sport – by reaching out to them on social media platforms with behind the scenes, fun and engaging content.

Snap’s platform is one of the most popular among ‘millennials’, a sector we are particularly keen on attracting, as it represents the future of our sport.” – Frank Arthofer

Today SnapChat, tomorrow the world. At least that’s the goal that Liberty Media has in mind when it comes to Formula One’s future. They’re not stupid. The folks behind the scenes are aware of the sheer market potential of young F1 viewers. Without them, the future of a sport is one of a gradual descent into obscurity. One could argue that F1 has a timeless appeal–and they’d be right–but that timeless appeal can only offer so much when the entire sport was headed by a man that appeared as out of touch with the youth as his decision to profit off an attempted mugging.

Alas, the halcyon days of Ecclestone are over, and F1 looks determined to Snap, Tweet, and Share its way into the lives of millions of young viewers around the globe.

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