Cal Crutchlow is fed up with LCR Honda: “I want a teammate”

MotoGP LCR Honda rider Cal Crutchlow has had enough – he’s sick of being the only rider, and would welcome a second in a heartbeat.

We’ve got to give it to Crutchlow. Not only is the man the sole rider for MotoGP team LCR Honda, but he’s also exceptionally vocal given his position. One would think that if they possessed the attention of a whole team urging them on to success, they would appreciate it, yet always the contrarian, Crutchlow is fed up with it.

LCR Honda has been a one-bike outfit for the majority of its existence, but there are stirrings afoot that would suggest there will be a second rider incoming. MotoGP management has already given the green light to LCR to field a second rider–even going as far as to reserve the final grid slot for them, but the team has made no announcements over any potential plans to do so. Perhaps it is this perceived lack of commitment that has begun to rub Crutchlow the wrong way, and he’s ready to put the pressure on:

“I want a teammate next year. I’m sick of being the only rider. It takes the emphasis of the whole weekend on me.

I’d rather them look after and concentrate on someone else. I know that sounds stupid, but in the end, the whole thing is on you.

The guys in the garage are standing for one rider when it’s better to stand in there for two. It’s more stress to prepare, to create, but I think it’s better.” – Cal Crutchlow

Crutchlow’s critique of the state of LCR Honda wasn’t just limited to his lack of a teammate however, the grizzled rider went on to say that should the team look for another rider, they would need to make adjustments to their current setup, and provide a more stable and intuitive platform for the rider to utilize. The RC213V has proven to be quite the diva out on the track, and Crutchlow is intimately aware of the bike’s demands:

“The bike is so particular to ride. When did you see a guy come from another manufacturer and come into Honda and do well?” – Cal Crutchlow

So, with an incredible temperamental bike and a Brit who’s willing to speak his mind without hesitation, do we have any takers? The MotoGP grid seems to be fairly-well distributed at the moment, and large movements between this year and next seem highly unlikely. Thus, it falls on Moto2 to provide the necessary fodder for LCR Honda to test. Unfortunately for them, should the condition of their challenger remain so unwieldy, they will be hard-pressed to find a rookie that is both willing and capable to attack the unique challenge.

In the meantime, however, we can be sure that Cal will be doing his damnedest within the garage to prove to the team that a rookie is precisely the route they need to go. After all, two points of data collection will always be better than one.

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