F1 Drivers that only won one Grand Prix

Driver titles, win records, front-runners doing what they do best – What about the less celebrated drivers who have won a Grand Prix on only a single occasion in F1? Here are some drivers who, in a few examples, massively defied the odds to win in F1.

What they said:

“It’s a wonderful day for the team which has been pushing so hard.

We have been trying to improve so much. It was a tough race with the strategy and the tyres after a couple of laps we were struggling after as couple of laps with the rear grip, Fernando did a better start than me, I was just following the pace.

It was my first podium and my first victory. You can imagine what I feel.”

– Pastor Maldonado


“It’s a very special feeling. Of course I didn’t expect to win; after the Mercedes pair crashed then you’re targeting a podium, but in the end to come out on top, it’s incredible. To hear the Dutch national anthem for the first time in Formula One, I have to think about my dad for sure and I heard he was crying, so yeah it’s unbelievable. He invested a lot of time in me and this achievement is also because of him.

I wasn’t nervous during the race, I was just trying to focus and drive the best I could. We focused a lot on keeping the tyres alive because at my last stop I still had to do 32 laps until the end, but it worked out well! With five laps to the end I saw Kimi was dropping off a bit, he tried a few times and of course it kills your tyres and from there I just like ‘okay, focus on the tyres now and bring it home’. I will for sure remember this and at the moment it’s just a great feeling. It’s amazing, I have no words for it. It was very good company on the podium, I mean Kimi even raced against my dad, so it’s very funny! I was celebrating a lot on the in lap and I got a bit of cramp, but that’s part of it!”

– Max Verstappen


“I’m just thankful to Lewis for choosing the Ferrari to hit and not me.”

– Robert Kubica


“In the end I took no risks. I was just doing what I had to do and just responding to the lap times and there was no point taking any risks.

It has been a faultless weekend and it is the best way to win – being on top all weekend.”

– Jarno Trulli


“Winning with Ferrari is special, something you cannot get with any other team. I could not have wished for a better birthday present.”

– Jean Alesi


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