Daytona 500 Viewership Up in 2017

NASCAR’s TV Partners are claiming that viewership for the Daytona 500 is up five percent over 2016 – looks like there’s life in the sport yet.

Take that, naysayers. With all of the negative buzz that has floated around NASCAR the past couple of weeks – what with all the bullshit about it being a relic and dead sport – NASCAR’s TV partners have hit back with some delicious raw data. The partners: FOX, FOX Sports Go, and FOX Desportes claim that the peak viewership numbers boasted 14 million with 12 million as a steady average.

Lots of folks have plenty of reason to be excited, considering the administration revamped the race structure in an effort to make the sport more viewer-friendly, but one particular person was overjoyed with the viewer results. That being: Mike Mulvihill, FOX Sports EVP of Research, League Operations and Strategy. Mulvihill stated:

“We’re certainly encouraged by the audience growth for the Daytona 500. I’m particularly happy to see sharp growth early in the race, which I think is a sign that the new format drew viewers in earlier. The growth slowed a bit later in the race with the eventual absence of key drivers, including Johnson, Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch, but overall, I think we saw a lot of reasons for optimism on Sunday. While it’s far too early for FOX or NASCAR to take a victory lap, we’re feeling good headed into Atlanta.” – Mike Mulvihill

The network is unexpectedly predicting that the Daytona 500 will be the highest viewed sport over the weekend (it was). Considering the only other sport that came close to those numbers was the Super Bowl, it’s a bit of a given that nothing could match their viewer turnout.

Say what you will about how “dumb” and “’Murican” NASCAR is, the pack those grandstands to the fucking brim like no other Motorsport can do.

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