Verstappen shuts down Vettel’s moaning: “I don’t take that seriously”

Sebastian Vettel complained over his team radio during the British Grand Prix that Verstappen wasn’t playing fair as they battled for third place in the opening stages of the Silverstone race.

“We know he is a bit jumpy on that,” “He is trying to defend as hard as possible, but at some point you need to stick to your line.”

Was Verstappen fazed by Vettel’s criticisms? Not on your life. Max insisted that Vettel is no longer qualified to comment on such matters after the incident in Baku–whereVettel received nine disciplinary points after swerving into Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Asked about Vettel’s complaints, Verstappen didn’t make bones:

“Yes, but I don’t take that seriously. Especially not after all the things he did. If you look at the penalty points that he’s got…”

“The fight with Sebastian was good. It was hard but fair, I think. That little bit of contact maybe not, but for the rest everything was okay.”

Verstappen’s was on for a podium finish had it not been for a late pitstop for fresh rubber–the same tyre troubles that affected Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Verstappen was more humble about his chances.

“The thing is that you would have ended up one or two seconds in front of him [Raikkonen], while he is on new tyres. So you would have never been able to keep that position.”

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