Kyle Busch is destined for IndyCar

Kyle Busch is determined to leave a legacy in NASCAR – but what about victory on another kind of oval?

To a racer, there two kinds of victories. The sort that come at the end of a successful jaunt that places you in first, and the kind that comes only from mastering the wide variety of series and cars at their disposal. It takes years of experience and practice before one can afford to put themselves in such a position, but any racer worth his weight would if he could. It comes as no surprise that Kyle Busch is precisely that kind of racer.

Known to have a hot streak that could rival that of Formula One’s Sebastian Vettel, Busch has displayed a burning passion for racing ever since he stepped onto the oval for the first time. His current trappings may be that of NASCAR, but Busch has always had more in his sights. We’ve always known Busch to be a man of ambition, but only recently did we learn that his Indy 500 dreams were curtailed.

Busch spoke on his supposed involvement in the 2017 Indy 500, claiming that he had both a team and race package ready to go before his goals were deflated by someone we can only assume to be his wife:

“I had it done last year, sold and everything and ready to go and I’ve got a boss that said no. Figure it out; I’ve got two bosses – one’s a male and one’s a female.”

Busch abstained from elaborating on his claim, but even with the Missus possibly throwing a wrench in the works, the NASCAR driver doesn’t seem to be fazed by the turn of events–saying that F1 fan-favorite stole the spotlight with his participation:

“I’m kind of glad it didn’t come together because Alonso stole the headlines the last time it was done, but there may be more in the future guys coming over to run that race so I may have to split the limelight with someone who wants to do the race.

But it would be fun, it’d be a unique opportunity.” – Kyle Busch

One certainly can’t fault Busch for feeling the pressure to hold off his participation. Had he wanted to enter the Indy 500 with the goal of also boosting his viewability to fans of other Motorsports, he’s not losing anything out by waiting a year or two.

“I think the biggest thing that scares my boss is that I’ve never driven those cars, I think that’s the biggest fear, just not knowing what those cars do when you get into a bad situation.” – Kyle Busch

Marital pressure is one thing, but something tells us that the hothead that stormed down to Joey Logano’s pit spot to throw a right hook earlier this year won’t be just putting his dreams of stepping into an Indycar on the shelf.

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