“Finally!”: Kyle Busch breaks 36 win-less streak – a fan’s viewpoint

One word: “finally.” After a frustrating season and 36 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races without a win, Kyle Busch made his way onto Victory Lane at last. With 39 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series wins under his belt, this victory at Pocono Raceway will give Busch a safe spot in the playoffs.

That security will no doubt come as a relief – not only for Busch and his team – but for fans such as myself who have waited patiently and have endured the anger, the frustration and the downright tediousness that has accompanied last minute wrecks, fines and penalties for the No. 18 team.

As Busch celebrated with an epic burnout that left his car spouting steam like a boiled kettle, justice finally felt as though it had been served. The victory at Pocono has been a long time coming. He dominated the first Stage after winning the pole position earlier on in the day. Things were going well for Busch until he pitted during Stage two and restarted fourth.

This meant that he was not in clean air for the first time during this race, and he ended up getting loose a couple of times – dropping to seventh. However, as we have seen many times this season with various drivers across all the NASCAR series’, strategy is key. Busch’s strategy started at the end of Stage two when he pitted with just four laps to go. He sacrificed Stage two points, but the trade in was well worth with a race win.

Kyle Busch on Victory Lane at Pocono after a 36 race win-less streak. Source: Twitter

With 25 laps to go, Busch finally headed down pit road after staying out in an attempt to not lose any ground to Truex. This was the strategy that Keselowski had success with last week in Indianapolis and earlier on in the season. It paid off for Busch, because within the first five laps on fresh tyres, he’d made up three seconds and was running one second quicker than the fastest car on the track.

Third place Harvick pounced on Hamlin, but Busch was hot on his heels and ready to snatch Harvick’s position. There was contact when a speedy Busch rammed into Harvick when Harvick slowed up a little bit, allowing Busch to take first whilst Harvick dropped back behind Hamlin in third.

After a nail biting final few laps where literally anything could happen – and has indeed happened in previous weeks with late race cautions, wrecks involving Busch and bad luck – Busch crossed the finishing line in his first win at Pocono Raceway. Officials then inspected the car briefly after his epic burnouts and concluded that there may have been one loose lug nut.

The words “oh no, not again” came to mind. Especially after multiple penalties and suspensions have been handed out to Busch’s team and crew chief this season. Fortunately, this violation would “only” result in a fine, as opposed to an encumbered finish – something Joey Logano experienced earlier on this year shortly after the controversial Las Vegas incident involving Busch and Logano.

Shouting “TAKE A BOW” at Busch as he climbed from his car and collected the checkered flag for the first time this season was an incredibly sweet moment. Fans breathed a sigh of relief, crew chiefs celebrated their hard work finally paying off with a winning car and Kyle Busch wore an ecstatic smile.

It has been a long drought for Rowdy and his fans. Hopefully, this will be a boost of confidence for Busch and his team to try different strategies. Persistence, determination, patience, faith, trust, skill and talent all got this team to where they should have been multiple times over already. So tear open the Caramel M&M’s and enjoy every last bite, Busch and team.

You’ve all more than earned at least one packet of the most delicious victory M&M’s you’ll ever experience because hopefully it won’t be another 36 races before the next trip down Victory Lane.

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