Kyle Busch calls Justin Allgaier a moron after catastrophic race

Sharon Wong

Leading 256 out of 500 laps was not enough to pull Kyle Busch back from the brink of disaster and he blames Justin Allgaier. 

Busch had to give up his enviable lead on Sunday to Kevin Harvick when he realized something was not quite right about the back of his car. He got orders to ride it out and did so, spinning out of control out in the middle of Turns 1 & 2 on Lap 359. Bad enough that he got a faulty team order, but he was also collided into by Allgaier, who did not slow down when the caution was displayed. He was not the only one impacted by these series of disastrous choices. Both Kyle Larson and Martin Truex Jr. incurred damage while trying to swerve away from the wrecking ball that was Allgaier. Nonetheless, to say Busch is livid would be an understatement.


“It’s a shame. The last few times we’ve been here, we’ve had fast (cars) and we haven’t been able to finish. We’ve been having parts failures here. It’s something that we have to address and fix. I’m really tired of losing races here with parts falling apart. They’ll hear about it on Tuesday (in the competition meeting).

“The person who is the biggest moron out there is the spotter of the No. 46 and the driver of the No. 46 (Allgaier). I’d been wrecking for half a lap and they just come on through and clean us out. That’s stupid.

“I don’t know. Frustrating day. Let’s go home.”

Kyle Busch

You know it’s serious when he gets to name-calling. And well, moron’s a strong word to call anyone. We wonder if his frustration has less to do with Allgaier’s gaffe and more to do with the fact that he still doesn’t know what happened with his vehicle. He’d initially suspected that the right-rear shock or shock mount had broken, but his team insisted that if that were the case, he’d never have been leading to begin with.

Until his team can conduct their due detective work, he’ll just have to stew over this particular enigma from the 36th position.

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