Team SoloMid Cut Ties With One Of The Most Hated Figures In South Korea

Team SoloMid have parted ways with eSports coach and performance consultant, Weldon Green – bidding farewell to the controversial figure with a rigid middle figure, cutely disguised as a ‘thank you’ message. It doesn’t take an expert in semantics to determine the reason for Green’s exit; the motives for firing Weldon were clearly spelt out in the team’s official announcement: “You upset our Korean friends, you’re no friend of ours.”

Ahead of the 2016 Summer Split, Team SoloMid brought Weldon Green on board to join League of Legends coaching staff. Green had worked on a temporary basis for the team during the Spring Split, ‘developing the players as competitors and manage internal relations within the team.’

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Weldon Green was always an outspoken member of the eSports community, flying close to the wind with his vlog reviews of the professional scene. Green overstepped the mark ahead of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, accusing South Korean League of Legends teams of denying and leaking scrim information, summarising their actions as “psycho level nationalistic”.

Though the comments were made prior to the 2016 World Championship, they have ultimately served as the death sentence for Weldon – he shot himself in the foot. His comments blacklisted Team SoloMid in Korea, a region imperative for bootcamps and talent recruitment. Reginald was ultimately faced with the choice of keeping Weldon, a performance coach whose impact resulted in a group stage elimination, or patch relationships with Korea, the single most important region for international success.

“Team SoloMid as an organization has always valued our bootcamps leading up to worlds in Korea, and we have always been extremely grateful to the top Korean teams that choose to scrim with us. These scrims have traditionally been some of the best practice our team gets in the competitive season, and we always learn a great deal during these bootcamps.

“We actively choose to remain on good relationships with our Korean scrim partners because we find that they are extremely beneficial to our team’s development as a whole.

“The statements that were made do not reflect the organization’s stance and beliefs towards them whatsoever, and we strive to keep these partnerships strong and healthy for the benefit of all.

“As such, we are looking for a skilled sports psychologist to take his place as the 2017 season approaches.”

Team SoloMid Official Announcement


Those two words “as such” tell you everything you need to know with respect to the team’s stance on the situation. Perhaps if Team SoloMid had marched through the World Championship, the outcome for Weldon might’ve been different. You fall on your sword if you build-up significant hype, bash Koreans and then crash out in the group stage.

To release Weldon and simultaneously pull the rug out from under him at the same time is a fairly ruthless move from Reginald. The statement may be dressed as a public announcement, but it may as well be a direct message to Team SoloMid’s Korean peers: We got rid of him, can we be friends again please?

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