Amir Khan reveals Anthony Joshua’s true colours

Boxing’s ‘nice guy’, boxing’s poster boy, boxing’s face for the next decade. The compliments to pay Anthony Joshua are endless; a marketing management’s dream, and a walking PR athlete who appears to tick all the boxes. 

However, to be the ruthless killer that Joshua is, you must have *that* edge. The edge which makes you world champion. The popularity of Joshua is naturally for his boxing, but the Englishman then has the character and charisma to draw in fans outside of boxing; his likability seems to know no limits.

With this following comes the persona that AJ doesn’t have a bad bone in his body – he’s one of life’s ‘nice guys’ as they say.

But is he?

Dillian Whyte would suggest otherwise, and Whyte has every right to suggest that when AJ went after him once the bell was rung back in 2015.

Sun reporter, Lee Price, would also support Whyte in saying that Joshua has the ability to turn into a brute and scary force after Joshua intimidated the reported – as a joke – when being interviewed in the ring.

And now it’s Amir Khan whose putting Joshua’s popularity in dispute. Khan has made the claim over Twitter that Joshua has been cosying up to Khan’s wife, Faryal.

Khan has then followed up with a series of tweets attacking his wife and fellow boxer, Joshua:

The claims over social media suggest that Joshua is perhaps just another snake in the grass, rather than that charming and honest bloke you see on the telly.

Joshua’s darker days growing up were beautifully captured in a recent Lucozade ad, but such messages of run-ins with the police and causing problems appear to still be within the English fighter.

So, is all of Joshua’s media niceties just a game which we’ve all bought into? Or is Amir Khan trying to find relevance once again in the boxing world by dragging down the current pin-up boy in the sport?

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