Beyoncé to add ‘NBA Team owner’ to her long list of titles

It seems like nothing is safe from the grips of superstar Beyoncé, who has recently been eyeing an investment in an NBA franchise.

The owner of the Houston Rockets, Les Alexander, reported last month that he was going to sell the team. Beyoncé, a Houston native, would be following in her husband’s footsteps if she purchases the team. Jay-Z bought the Brooklyn Nets in 2004 for a cool $1 mil. Although he sold the team for $2.35 million a few years later to focus on representing professional athletes.

Alexander bought the Houston Rockets in 1993 for $85 million. Since then, the team’s worth has skyrocketed with the leagues popularity in China possibly increasing its sale price over $2 billion. Pocket change for the singer.

Beyoncé may have some competition when it comes to signing the check. NBA Hall of Famer and former Rockets player Dikembe Mutombo has expressed interest in purchasing as well, telling the media last month that he’s working on creating a group to snag the team.

Although this seems like a better fit than Queen B, if he can’t get enough people to sign on, she may be the only one with the mula to make the deal. An investment into this team would be a nice addition to the billion dollar empire she’s building with her hubby.

If she does end up owning the Houston Rockets, she’ll be joining a hefty list of other celebrities to acquire a sports team. Although she would be the first Queen to do so.

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