They Are SKT’s Kryptonite But Afreeca Will Never Reach Superhero Status


After beating SKT a second time this split – the kryptonite of the League of Legends’ Gods themselves – the LCK’s Afreeca Freecs are looking to progress through the Korean playoffs with confidence, perhaps even posing a significant threat at the World Championships in October.

The Afreeca Freecs are truly one of a kind. Their ability to beat the undisputed best team in the world is unrivalled, yet they fall short time and time again when pitted against the middle of the pack. Bizarrely, their problem lies within the other top 5 teams in Korea, incredibly SK Telecom T1 remain the only team in the group of top tier of LCK rosters that Afreeca can consistently beat on summoners rift.

Source: Fomos
Source: Fomos

Self confidence is an attribute that should never be underestimated in the world of professional League of Legends, but being over-confident can certainly result in you having a dent in your forehead after challenging the strongest fighter in town.

After establishing their dominance over the current World Champions, Jeon “Ikssu” Ik-soo gave an interview with Inven, where he once again corroborated the believe instilled into the Afreeca players, reiterating their strength in character:

Interviewer: “How do you feel about taking the victory [against SKT]?”

Ikssu: “I’m not too excited, because we won a match that I felt like we would win. (laughs)”

That’s gotta sting, SKT fans…

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The Freecs have stolen the show against both of Korea’s Telecom teams. After clinching a narrow victory over KT Rolster in a 2-1 series win, after losing 2-0 to them in the first round, they managed to close out both of their matches against SKT rather convincingly, 2-0. Afreeca Freecs appear to be a team specifically designed to crush the World Champions… but never actually achieve anything for themselves. Their first-round matches against ROX and Samsung similarly ended in a 2-0 loss; their ability to go far in the playoffs is in serious doubt.

Not that this is enough to stop the players from being hyped for themselves.

Interviewer: “Your chances of making it to the postseason are ever increasing.”

Ikssu: “If we make it [to the postseason] I would prefer not to face the ROX Tigers until the finals. Before that, I’m confident we can beat anyone we face.”

Afreeca’s postseason is far from guaranteed, you just never know Freecs roster will show up – one week they demolish SKT, the next, they lose against Jin Air in a tedious four hour long Bo3.


To secure their top 5 spot they need to win 2 more matches and with Longzhu, Samsung and ROX as the only foes left to face. Regardless of whether they secure victory, Afreeca Freecs have secured their legendary status – the giant killers who will never become giants themselves.

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